7 Tips to Make Your House Renovation Winter-Proof

With the change in season, requirements also change. It is not just about renovating the home but also about making it warm or cool as the weather demands. With the arrival of cold weather, people demand a cozy atmosphere and with the warm weather, people want a cool ambience. Renovating the house as the season changes does not mean you have to change the look of the house or add or subtract decorative items. It can also mean identifying the needs and making the environment of the house comfortable throughout the year.  

Do not panic. There is nothing you have to do that burns a hole in your pocket. This blog focuses on the simple tips that you can use irrespective of whether you are doing a small budget job or overhauling your entire home. 

So, the tips are as follows:  

  • Get the Right Heating 

Get the Right Heating

A good heater at your place can bring a lot of change, preferably warmth at your place. So, this is the first step that you can take to keep your home nice and cozy during winters.  

When you choose a new or replacement heating system, consider the size of the space, the needs of the family and also the budget. 

The market is flooded with a variety of heaters so you must explore and then make a purchase.  

  • Let the Cold Stay Outdoors 

The last thing you want is a draught running through your newly renovated living spaces, so ensure that you seal the doors and the windows carefully. 

It is one of the simplest things you can do to keep the place warm.   

Sealing is not a very expensive process but it definitely helps in keeping the temperature consistent.   

  • Install Good Quality Windows 

Install Good Quality Windows

Ah! This can seem a big project but let me tell you, it is not. Infact, getting new windows means you must invest in double glazing.  

Investing in windows will pay off when it comes to power bills as the windows efficiently trap the heat inside. Thinking about window treatments is not only good for the comfort that you might be seeking but also great for future selling- in case you consider it.  

You can also add curtains as this offers insulation and is much more effective than just plain roller blinds as these do not let the hot air escape through the slats in blinds, therefore, increasing heat loss during the cold months. 

  • Choose Floors for Warmth 

Choose Floors for Warmth

Now a days, it is seen that people prefer warmer surface finish such as timber flooring. There are fewer people who prefer tiles because these keep the flooring cool. Another option is polished concrete that can be made “toasty” just by installing the floor heat.   

However, be aware of floor heating as it is quite expensive to put in, run and also to maintain. 

  • Put in Insulation 

This is no doubt because through insulation, your house stays cool in summers and warm in winters.  

It is one of those things that can be easily retrofit into your ceiling. Fitting these on the walls would be less easy, however, it will create a big difference.  

When choosing what type of insulation to use, pay attention to the material it is made of and the R-value.  

  • Do Not Try to Heat Large Areas 

Open-plan living is good for lifestyle, but extensive open areas are a nightmare when it comes to keeping them warm.  

So, as a part of renovation, you must find ways to close off areas within the layout design such as sliding doors. You might not need to heat all the bedrooms in the day.  

If you ducted air conditioning, it will allow for the home to be divided into separate areas, or zones. Thereafter, you can select the zones that have temperature control on and off throughout the day and night.   

This will also mean that you will have more consistent temperatures in the rooms you choose to keep warm and help make the bills a lot cheaper. 

  • Think About Décor Items 

You do not have to stuff the place with a lot of décor items. But yes, décor items will not only liven up your space but will also impact your level of comfort.  

When it comes to the colour palette, choosing colours that have a warmer tone can help make the atmosphere warm.  

Instead of blues, greys and cooler colors, you can also change your walls or décor to give a warmer tone of colors such as pinks, reds, oranges, golds and terracotta.  

Adding rugs is another idea, and it is plenty of fun because the options are endless and there is no dearth of variety.  

And of course, do not forget to add plenty of sheepskins and throw rugs into your living spaces just to cuddle up on cold nights. 

There are renovation experts in the market and if you want to get it done, it is advised to reach out to the professionals. If there is anything else that you want to talk about, or you need guidance in terms of buying and selling acreage, reach out to Raine and Horne experts Land Victoria experts.