A Guide to Buying Acreage in Victoria

 If you are new to buying land, this guide will help you go a long way in taking such a crucial decision. Educating yourself with the decision to buy land is as important as buying a home. In fact, the process involved in the former is more complicated than the latter.  

While buying land, you need to consider some of the major and common issues such as water supply, zoning, utility connections, and access to the property itself. 

Not just this, getting finance organized is also more complicated in the case of purchasing land than getting a home loan. But all these hurdles can easily be crossed once you make one final decision. Also, the decision would be more valuable and authentic if taken in coordination with acreage specialists.  

Also called land specialists, these professionals are responsible for implementing, designing land acquisition strategies and plans for new wind development sites. These specialists work closely with the local governments, landowners, and community organizations to get support for the projects.  

Even though you must be clear about the meaning of acreage. Let’s just put some light on it.  

Acreage in Real Estate 

It means an extent or area of land in acres. We can also say that it is a plot of land amounting to approx. one acre.  

If there are people who buy properties and homes, there are fair percentage of people who buy land too. 

Why Do People Buy Land/Acreage? 

People buy land because probably because it gives the buyer more opportunities, space, and privacy. Apart from that it is believed that the quality of air on acreage is a lot better than that in the city.  

Living on acreage is more peaceful because it is away from the city, where you do not hear the honking of vehicles, sirens horns, or any other construction noises. Now, let us get into numbers and understand acreage the other way round.  

How Big is an Acre? 

  • 1 acre = 4,047 sq m 
  • 5 acres = 20,234 sq m

Take an average block size in Australia of about 200-350 sq m and you will get to know how big an acreage actually is.  You will be able to find properties of the above-mentioned areas on the outskirts of the country itself.  

Things to Consider While Buying Acreage 

If you are a first-time acreage buyer in Land Victoria, you must keep in mind the following points such as: 

Check the Zoning  

It is important for you to check the zoning of the property. Check this with the local council.  For instance, if a property is zoned for conservation, it may have restrictions about clearing the land or building. There might be special requirements for properties in bushfire and flood zone areas.  

Water Supply Facility 

This is equally important. So, it is better for you to check whether the area is on the town water or if you will have to source your own water supply.   

In case you have to source it yourself, you will have to decide from where and how? You may even require skills to understand the process. 

Utilities and Sewage Connection

Apart from water, you must also check the sewage connection. Also, look for your budget. How much you will have to pay for electricity, investigate internet coverage and quality of mobile in particular area.  

Usage of Space 

How are you going to utilize the space? Decide about this beforehand. If you are going to keep animals or not etc. must be decided even before buying acreage in land Victoria. Apparently, you will buy acreage property only after thinking why you need it, what will you do with it and how will you put it to a better use.  

Do Not Take Decision Emotionally 

It is easy to make decisions in a hurry. Or it is even easier to get swayed by the natural beauty of the large country property. But it suggested taking decisions only after considering the pros and cons of buying acreage.  

Now, let’s see the pros of buying an acreage in Land Victoria.  

Pros of Buying Acreage  

There are a number of reasons people get lured by life in the large countryside and are often ready to give up city life. Below are a number of factors which may influence the decision of people in making such a big decision.  


Buy an acreage and you will get plenty of space to move. Spacious and open is the word for acreage property. You will have enough of private space to live in, enjoy some time off the regular humdrum of life.   

Relaxed Atmosphere and Lifestyle 

This could be the primary reason behind buying acreage property. Looking for peace and tranquility? Consider buying an acreage property and you will feel that you have made the best decision ever.  

Opportunities for Different Activities 

Since the space is open and wide, you can perform any of your favorite activities like spending time with animals, riding bikes, fishing, and anything else that you probably want. So, acreage allows you to perform outdoor activities which you may not be able to undertake otherwise.   

Fresh Air 

You get to experience the fresh air because the acreage properties are away from the city’s pollution. It is great to buy an acreage if you want to experience being in the lap of nature once in a while or during holidays.  

Near Nature 

Whether you want a big, rambling garden or you want the natural surrounds of the Aussie bush, moving to an acreage gives you the reason to leave the urban jungle behind and indulge in your passion for nature. Great for nature lovers though! 

Great For Animal Lovers 

If you love animals and want to own some, what better place to keep them but in an open, relaxed environment like an acreage property. If you are thinking of owning dogs, cats, horses, or even chickens, acreage will give you the space you need.  

If Compared to Benefits, Prices are Lower 

There is nothing better than peace of mind and living being in touch with nature. Acreage gives you all the reasons to stay away from the city’s fast-paced lifestyle. Also, it allows you to pursue hobbies if any. So, with the immense benefits that it provides, you definitely get more bang for your buck when buying acreage. 

Buying land is a good investment  

If you are someone who is considering buying acreage in Land Victoria, it is suggested to make such a big purchase with the assistance of acreage specialists. Contact the team of professionals at Raine & Horne, Land Victoria.