Land Buying Advocate- Should You Hire One?

Real estate agents come to a rescue when you buy a home or a property. Similarly, when it comes to buying a piece of land, it is important for you to get authentic advice. Who is better than a land buyer’s advocate? Seeking advice from a professional who specializes in building homes than buying them would make a lot of sense.

Buying a home and building one are two completely different things. Both require different processes and approaches.

While a real estate agent specializes in helping you find a perfect home, a land buying advocate helps you in finding a perfect block of land.

So, if you want your land buying journey to be smooth and hassle-free, contact Raine and Horne land experts in Victoria.

Our experts will advice you from scratch and will also understand every element of the home building process.

The professionals are empowered with knowledge which provides protection to the buyers from being misled.

What’s More About Hiring Land Advocate?

Hiring Land Advocate

There is much more you will gain when you work with an expert who understands the potential opportunities that arise from building like; stamp duty savings, little to zero maintenance, creating instant equity, and, of course, the ability to direct your budget to meet your requirements and deliver the most happiness.

When you decide to upgrade your home, the first thing people in Australia would do is contact real estate agent. Irrespective of the task, whether you have to appraise your existing home or you just wish to see what’s available in the area. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered in both the cases. However, when it comes to buying in regional areas, the chances are even without knowing anything, you look for a professional to seek advice.

The real estate agents are paid on commission basis to sell the property.

An existing home/property could be worth two to three times more than a block of land. If a real estate agent can have their client purchase an existing home over a block of land, they will at least more than double or in some cases even triple the commission.

Incentives Agents Have to Promote for Building a Home

Promote for Building a Home

It is quite understandable that the resources of the real estate sales team are directed to helping clients purchase the existing homes.

An agent will likely sell land to someone who is aware of the advantages of building and walks in the door to purchase a block of land. However, at the same time, if someone walks in who needs to upgrade and also who is exploring the available properties in the market, they might not suggest building because suggesting to build can make them miss out on a large commission amount. So, what are the agents most likely to say in this regard? The potential answer would be that they have got what you are looking forward to and you can save yourself the hassle of building.

How To Know If the Land Advocate is Authentic?

When you meet a real estate agent or a land advocate, they will ask a lot of questions to know exactly what you want.

They will ask you everything that you are looking forward to, your desires, budget, a little bit about your savings as well.

So, when you find yourself such an agent or a land advocate who is willing to show up for you and works in your interest, it means you have got the one. However, if you are still struggling to find a land buying advocate, contact Raine and Horne, Land Victoria.