Pros and Cons of Buying Acreage

Anything that involves a huge investment like buying a home or buying acreage would require expert assistance either from a real estate agent or a land expert, respectively. However, we would like to mention that buying acreage to live on can be a bit more complicated than buying a property. You might have to consider some issues such as water supply, zoning, utility connections, and access to the property itself. Organizing finance is also more complicated than just getting an ordinary home loan.   

The issues in both the cases would not be the same. However, there are always solutions to the problems. So, do not let anyone stop you from realizing your dreams of rural living.    



Identifying an acreage can be difficult until you see it for yourself. In Australia, an acre is equal to 4,047 sq m. So, you can compare to that average block size in Australia of around 200–350 sq m. Also, you will get an idea of how big an acreage actually is. As a result, you will be able to look for properties of this size in the rural areas of Australia or in the outskirts of the major Australian cities.   

Tips on Buying Acreage in Australia 

If you are considering buying acreage, keep the following tips in mind.  

Check Zoning  

Look with the local council and see how the property/land is zoned. For instance, a property zoned for conversation may have restrictions about land and building clearing while there are also some special requirements for properties in the bushfire zones and flood.  

Check the Water Supply 

Check the Water Supply

See whether the property is on town water, or if you need any other source of water supply. If you need to source it yourself, where would you get it from? So, you will have to check all these requirements before you buy acreage in Australia. For all this too, you would need the necessary skills and knowledge to maintain the supply. In case you don’t have any, there is nothing to worry about because Raine and Horne has land experts who will guide you throughout the process.      

Check the Utilities  

Check the Utilities

After the water facility, check if there is a proper sewage connection. Also, look into factors i.e., how much you will pay for the electricity connection. Internet and mobile connection are both important. Without any of these connections, you may find it difficult to live, unless you actually want to cut off ties with the world and unwind. If you need an internet connection, investigate the quality of network coverage in the area.     

Use of Empty Space 

An acreage is empty, raw land. Before you buy acreage, make sure you know how to use the space. Whether you want to keep animals, grow plants, or you want to use the land as a playground. Just make sure you know how you would want to use the land/space. For example, if you decide to have animals which will keep the grass short, then you will have to indulge yourself in a time-consuming process. The blocks of land that are heavily wooded or have sloping and rocky facilities might not require too much mowing. So, consider the use of empty space before you finally make such a big purchase.  

Keep Emotions Out of the Way  

The scenic beauty of the acreage and the surrounding areas will mesmerize you. You might get lost in the process but this is where you might as well get stuck. Do not let your emotions run over your wise decision. Take your time to consider all the pros and cons of buying acreage. Also, look into the maintenance that your land would need before finalizing any decision.  

Benefits of Buying Acreage 

There are a lot of reasons why people just want to give up living in cities. The priorities have changed and a lot of people are shifting from cities to rural areas. The realization of living away from cities naturally came after the pandemic had hit the globe in 2019. Post COVID-19, many decisions changed. The reasons are as follows:   


Acreage provides you with a lot of room to move to and fro. The wide, and open land means you no longer will be living on top of your neighbors or in fact nearby them. All alone and in peace will be your space.   

Relaxed Lifestyle 

As already said, the lifestyle at acreage will be relaxed, peaceful, and quiet.  

Carry Out Activities 

Carry Out Activities

From playing with animals to going fishing, or riding dirty bikes, or anything else that you can imagine, living on a large block of land will give you plenty of options to carry out outdoor activities.   

Fresh Air and Nature 

This is quite obvious. The open land, away from the humdrum of city life, will not only give you fresh air but will also keep you away from pollution. Whether you want a big, rambling garden or you want to surround yourself with Aussie Bushes, moving to an acreage will allow you to leave the urban jungle behind and also indulge yourself in the passion of nature.     

Animal Attraction  

If you want to own cats, dogs, horses, and chicken or if you want to get close with the Aussie native animals, nothing would be better than buying an acreage.    

Prices are Lower 

acreage Prices are Lower

The way you go from the city or any major town, the more reasonable prices you will get for the property. The prices of land are comparatively reasonable compared to that of houses and properties in the city. It also means that you will get more bang for your buck when you consider buying acreage. So, if you think you cannot buy a house, kindly reconsider your decision because you can definitely buy land/ acreage.    

Drawbacks of Buying Acreage in Australia 

With the roses, come thorns as well. If there are benefits to buying acreage, then there are also disadvantages. Make sure you consider these as well before jumping to the final decision.   

Maintenance Issues 

The bigger the land/ acreage, the more maintenance work you will have to do to keep it going. You will have to be prepared to tackle the hard work if you want to live on the acreage.   


The ongoing maintenance of a property can affect your budget to some extent. For example, you may have to spend money on mowers, brush cutters, power tools, fencing, and pool maintenance. If applicable, you will also have to spend money on pest control and other additional expenses that come up.   

Away from Amenities  

In some parts of Australia where you live can affect the availability of access to phone and internet, while public transport cover might be minimal or even non-existent.  

Distance from Work 

If you consider working from the office then you might have to travel to and fro. This can lead to an inconvenience. This issue can be avoided if you work from home or if you find employment near to the new living space.     

Threat of Bushfire and Nasty Wildlife 

In some parts of Australia, the threat of bushfires is real. So, you will have to take precautions and make provisions to prevent bushfires. You may also have to prepare yourself for the risks posed by natural disasters if you live on the acreage. Wildlife is another threat. Not all Australian wildlife is cute or cuddly. You will have to take precautions to deal with snakes and other dangerous animals, or earthy reptiles.  

So, above are some of the considerations that you must make before finally taking a plunge into buying an acreage in Australia. If you have queries, contact Raine and Horne, Land Victoria.