Pros and Cons of Living in a Town vs. Acreage

If you have finally made the decision to move to the country town, there is another important decision that you will have to make. Would you live near the town or out on some acreage?  

Both the options will give you an altogether different version of living in country side or acreage so let us weigh the pros and cons of each so you can make an easy and informed decision.     

Living in a Town  

Living in a Town

Everyone likes to live in a country town primarily because of the facilities people get. But again, some might not like it. However, we will see the best things about being a townie (person living in a town).    

Living in a town makes it really easy for you to go to the shops and grab something for dinner or have a cup of coffee.  

If you have kids, they will have a great sense of independence as they grow up. In country towns you will see kids at skate parks, riding their bikes to friends’ houses, to school, and walking up to the shops to grab some milk.  

In town, you will have an easily manageable block to maintain and take care of. This will be particularly good if you like to garden but you do not want to maintain large chunks of land.  

Cons of Living in Country Town Are 

Living in town might feel like living in suburbia.   

Another downside is that living in the country town will inevitably come with some politics and a lot of requests for you to join clubs and committees. While it is good to see activities happening in the country town, if you live nearby, you will also catch the noise and commotion. This scenario has the potential to affect your peace. So, it might not be a good idea living in the country town. With elders and kids at home, it would further add to the drawbacks.  

Living on Acreage 

living in Acreage

Whether you are considering a hobby farm or you want something bigger that, this can be the most stereotypical imagination of living in the country. 

For some, it might just be wonderful to live on an acreage. The best things about living on acreage are as follows:   

Whether your property has a lovely view or if you are just surrounded by paddocks, the outlooks on acreage and the sunsets you are likely to get are as real and beautiful as given in a real estate brochure. 

The open land allows you to carry out multiple activities such as farming, growing fruits, vegetables, and creating beautiful gardens.       

The world becomes your oyster.  

One of the big highlights of living on a sizeable property is that you do not have to deal with any sort of noise. No late-night parties will keep you awake. If you are an introvert, you might like the fact that there is no one calling you or trying to catch up with you.   

You can also do what you feel like without getting bothered by what the neighbours will think of you.   

If you have kids, they might also like that there is an open space to play around. They will get extra time to spend in the dam swimming, climbing trees and also helping with farming. But the grass is not always green in the paddocks. Living on an acreage will also have some cons such as:  

  • Maintaining acreage is a lot of hard work. The work potentially gets doubled when you have a large piece of land.    
  • Suppose if you have animals, you will have to look after them. You cannot just leave them on their own. If you prefer farming, you will have to mow the grass and tend to bigger garden areas. If there is a fence, you will have to maintain that as well so, the list goes on. 
  • Snakes and other reptiles may appear on the acreage. Depending on where you are moving to, you must take this factor into account before you put your and family’s life at risk.     
  • Long drives can be annoying at one point. It is also one of the main concerns that people talk about.   
  • The availability of safe drinking water can be of constant consideration while you live on acreage. You might have to rely on tanks, or if you are lucky enough to have a water source on your property, it can be at risk of drying up. It is likely for you to be pumping water from tanks to water the gardens or the crops, or even to provide it to animals. Water can be a constant question mark on the land. 

It can be a bit lonely as well, but this depends on how much time you spend at home. If you are working, then coming home to a peaceful place as an acreage can be nerve calming.    

The benefits of living on an acreage weigh more than living in a country town. Also, as per industry experts, COVID-19 has brought the realization of going back in time where there is less humdrum, fewer people and more peace – both for the sake of good health and for mental calmness.  

Also, if you are considering making any investment, there can be nothing better than investing in acreage. If you want to sell or buy land acreage, contact our experts at Raine and Horne Land Victoria.