Will Lifestyle Acreage Give You a Happy Life?

It is safe to say that many of us have developed a love-hate relationship with the inner-city property market in recent past years. As opposed to this, people have started to develop a love for acreage. Especially with the spread of Coronavirus, people have realized the importance of rural living and nature and have now started to question life in a city anyway.  

It is not just the property market or the virus but also the hours spent in traffic, searching for parking, queuing for coffee, running from one meeting to another, social media engagement and the list is endless. All the tasks are time-consuming and that is what describes city life. Right?  

Time to Make a Shift- From City to Rural Acreage? 

Another factor that came to light was a work from home concept triggered during the pandemic. Lives have now changed a great deal. Working from home allows more flexibility and freedom than we had earlier. Of course, this may not apply to all but there are a fair number of people who can now work flexibly at home or even while travelling.  

So, with such a massive change in the lifestyle, maybe it is time to give lifestyle acreage a try? 

Less hustle, more affordable lifestyle provides mental as well as financial stability.  

Another factor is affordability. Rural and regional real estate is much more affordable than inner-city property in almost every case.  

It is not only the initial outlay on the property either, the general cost of living such as from groceries, eating out, fuel, health care and other goods and services are also considerably manageable and easy on the pocket.  

With less financial pressure, emotional stress is also reduced. Knowing that you are living within your means and you will be able to secure a financial future will give you peace and bring happiness.   

Let us understand it with an example- Whatever you spend on a one-bedroom apartment in the city, you will be able to buy twice as much or more in a rural location.  

What Will You Get in Return? 

  • Fresh air 
  • Open space 
  • Location 
  • Tranquility 
  • Plenty of room for pets and kids 
  • No hustle 
  • Grass, trees, open skies in abundance 

Aren’t these things in great demand? 

If you are a first home buyer, realizing that all the rent money could potentially be going towards mortgage so relocating to an area that can help you save deposit much faster would be a wise decision.   

The acreage lifestyle gives you so much space that you can park your car wherever you would like to. The huge piece of acreage will be yours! 

Much Needed – Work-Life Balance 

An acreage lifestyle will automatically give you work life balance which will bring more freedom.  

Those who are working from home can definitely adapt to a new lifestyle easily. This gives them more control over their income. Less expenditure will eventually make life happy.  

Internet Makes Life Easy on Acreage 

Internet Makes Life Easy on Acreage

The internet has liberated each one of us from the confines of specific locations. Today, you can be anywhere in the world and work. So, even if you consider buying an acreage in Australia, you will never regret instead you will have the peace and solitude to work in your comfort zone.  

  • It will not only be a pleasant experience but will also allow you more space to be productive without any distractions of office or city life.  
  • Greater productivity means you will get to do more and faster.  
  • More free and peaceful time to lie on a sunny spot on a sofa, read a book or have a cup of hot coffee. 
  • No more honking of vehicles. 

Living in larger spaces, i.e., acreage, outside the city not only gives you physical space to live your life in but also frees you mentally by having nothing to clutter. 

Needless to say, lifestyle acreage creates a healthier and more natural lifestyle. In a city, staying fit might become a challenge despite a heavy investment. This might not be the case in rural areas.  

Let us not forget the expenditure that keeps on adding while living in cities. Let us go one by one – Gym memberships, buying specialty items at health food stores and eating supplements such as candies. Not to mention the expensive treatments, long hours spent in the car or at your desk, consulting the psychologist to get de-stressed, juggling finances, hiring a personal trainer to stay fit, and the list is endless. Everything builds up along with the city prices. 

So, to stay away from the city’s life regular humdrum, moving to rural acreage will be a good step.   

If you doubt the settlement in rural acreage, it may take some time to get in sync with the rhythm but once you start living, there will be no going back.   

Physical activity becomes a more pleasurable experience when you are surrounded by nature.  

Instead of walking to the car, the train station, the printer or the coffee machine, you will be walking to the chook shed to collect fresh eggs, or riding your bike to the local milk bar, or even simply hanging washing out in the sun rather than bundling loads of wet clothes into the dryer. Such small acts will change the way you experience time and life.  

Which One Would You Prefer? 

Home grown salad ingredients picked fresh from the garden for lunch or a 20-minute queue at the salad bar for a soggy mixture?  

A peaceful walk around the local lake at sunrise or a power walk with headphones on the pavement? 

Being part of a rural lifestyle and a rural community has its own benefits. Whether you are a young couple or someone who wants a change in life, investing in rural acreage would definitely make the best choice. Buying acreage can be a lengthy and tiresome process. To make it easy and stress-free, it is suggested to hire a real estate agent. For that, contact our experts at Raine and Horne Land Victoria.